CCTV Cameras in Chester

Mistakes To Avoid When Installing CCTV Systems in Chester

Installing CCTV in Chester system is a good idea if you need to monitor your business premises. However, there are a number of common mistakes that people make when installing these systems. It is important that you avoid these mistakes as they will affect the system’s ability to function correctly.

Not Installing On A Suitable Surface

CCTV cameras are actually pretty light and some of the newer models are smaller making them even lighter. However, just because the camera is light it does not mean that you should not mount it on a suitable surface. The housing of the camera is generally what makes it slightly heavier and if you do not mount the camera on the correct surface it could be blown off during a wind storm. It is recommended that you install your cameras on cement and if you have a brick wall you should consider getting mason anchors.

Installing The Camera Then Discovering The Picture Is Upside Down

There is nothing more frustrating thaninstalling your Chester CCTV system”, turning it on and finding that one of the cameras is upside down. Many cameras have a rotatable head which can easily get turned around while you install it. There are a number of ways that you can avoid this happening.

The first is to check if your software allows you to flip the picture which many do. However, if you want to avoid this completely then you need to place a small dot or line in pencil on the up side of the camera. By doing this you can ensure that the camera is the correct way when you install it.

Positioning The Camera Incorrectly

A very common mistake when it comes to Chester CCTV installation is that the camera is positioned incorrectly. To ensure that you find the right position you need to walk around your property and determine which angle would capture the area the best. When looking at the position, you also need to consider the sunlight as this can cause a glare to form on the CCTV feed.

The best place to position the camera is under the roof at a downward angle. This will protect the camera from the elements and most of the direct sunlight that hits the area. If you tilt the camera down you will also less the chance of lens flairs or distortion.

Installing Beyond The Wireless Range

If you have decided to use a wireless CCTV system then you need to ensure that all of your cameras are within a set range. Every camera has a set range and you need to determine what this is from the manual. If you place the camera on the edge of the range you could get a feed errors or the camera could drop out entirely. It is best that you measure how far your wireless hub will be from the cameras and find a camera system that suits this measurement.

There are a number of mistakes that you could make when you install a CCTV system. This is one of the reasons why it is recommended that you hire a professional CCTV installation company to do this for you.