An Overview Of How To Purchase The Right Loft Insulation


Did you know that it is possible to save a significant amount of money by properly insulating your loft? This is an area of your home that directly beneath your upper roof, an area that is often converted into a living space and rented out to people that are coming into the area. Whether it is used for a rental, or is simply additional living space, it is often under insulated causing a significant amount of heat loss which can be expensive. In order to prevent this from happening, you will want to choose the best loft insulation that is available so that you can keep your house warm and also lower your energy bills.

How To Purchase Loft Insulation

The best way to purchase this type of insulation is to go to a local store that sells it every day. You can find more information on the Internet, detailing the different types of insulation that are available, but you will more than likely need to pick it up yourself unless it can be delivered. What most people do not realize is that your energy bills can go down as much as £250 a year. The cost of the insulation will be paid for through the savings on your utility bills in less than a year. There are some websites that will show you thermal imaging of a home where you can see where proper insulation has been used, and where perhaps none is actually in the walls. The dark areas typically depict areas that have no heat dissipation, whereas areas and red are definitely reflective of an absence of proper insulating material. Depending upon your situation, you will have to choose from the many different types of insulation that are sold. For example, if this is a new home, then you can easily put insulation into the walls prior to a fixing the sheet rock on the outside. However, in older buildings you will need to use some type of insulating foam that can be injected into the walls, the most cost-effective way to do this which will prevent the necessity of tearing down your walls to add the insulation in.

Different Types Of Loft Insulation Available

There are quite a few different types of insulation that you can get. One of the most common types is batt or blanket loft insulation. This comes in easy to use rolls that are easy to install, very straightforward even for individuals that have never done this before. It uses either sheep’s wool, or recycled glass, a very popular type of insulation. This is perfect for areas such as accessible spaces, and also exposed wall cavities. Unfortunately, not all of them are made of this material and can irritate your skin, plus you will want to wear some type of protective mask so as not to breathe in the particulate material as it is unrolled and installed. The other problem with this type of material, especially with sheep’s wool due to its limited supply is that it can be very expensive, and you may actually have problems with the width of this material which may prevent you from just rolling it out and using it. The other two forms of insulation include loose fill loft insulation made from cork granules or some type of cellulose fiber. This is actually very easy to use in places where there are irregularly spaced joists, however it can become airborne in a drafty loft. The final type is sheet loft insulation which is designed for people that are looking for a green or environmentally safe alternative. It’s perfect for the sloping sides of any roof, and because the sheets are very firm, and also fire and moisture resistant, they are excellent for insulating loft conversions.

Once you have looked at the different types of insulation that are available, and compared the cost of each type at different stores, you should be able to find an affordable solution that can lead you down the road of find the insulating your loft area. After it is done, you will certainly noticed that your utility bill is going to be far less. The cost of insulation, whether you use blown fiber, sheet loft or blanket loft insulation, it is going to help you save money every year.

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